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Worlds of Quilts

Worlds of Quilts

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Capturing quilting traditions from around the world

• Make 25 projects in a variety of sizes, including twin, queen, and king sizes
• Find inspiration in time-honored techniques and designs from cultures around the world such as American, Amish, Korean, Seminole, Welsh, Irish, and many more
• All the techniques used in the book are fully explained in a comprehensive "Quilt Masterclass" reference

Travel the globe with these 25 quilt projects - no passport required! In World of Quilts - 25 Modern Projects, Cassandra Ellis presents quilt projects that are historically rooted in cultures around the world. Using time-honored techniques, she strips quilting back to the basics to inspire you both aesthetically and practically. The quilts vary in size, difficulty, and fabrics, so you can mix and match elements to create a design that’s at once unique and personal. The second part of the book is a "Quilt Masterclass" reference to guide you through the quilting process from start to finish.

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192p color
8.265 x 10.625
ISBN: 978-1-60705-953-0

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